Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ritual Stance - "second skin" - CDr on Void Seance

my copy is # 2/12 and came w/same photo as pictured

This is my first Ritual Stance experience, and I liked it. The cdr has a picture of a DOD Thrash Master on it, and somehow it kinda makes me wish I had a DOD FX59 Thrash Master. A photo of a fairly minimal rig compliments the 50 minute track of cracklin' HWN that'll cure your cravings for a heavy dose of good ol' fashion blistering hot wall noise. Subsonic rumbling underneath a blanket of crackling ant colonies. Very pure. Intense. It's the best Harsh Noise Wall or Harsh Wall Noise I've heard since the last time I listened  to Slates New Bug Nation Vol 1.  

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