Wednesday, December 14, 2011

ArsenLives c20

Seattle & Oakland based artist Arsen Gogeshvili is known for his work with bands OK Thanks and Honey.Moon.Tree., but is perhaps more well know by his glitch bending elecxtronica solo moniker, ArsenLives. There is nothing indicating anything as far as J-card liner notes here, just two electro-microscopic images, pretty enough to display on oh, ahem lets say, a 7" record jacket? hmmm?
This isn't a noise tape, it's more like a polished up ambientempo/chill/trip-step tape. Programmed beats and dub-steppin bass synths eloquently arranged to deliver a very pro sounding electronica EP. ArsenLives may be ready to transcend the realm of DIY to embark up the tree's of WARP Records and the likes. Move over Crystal Castles, Arsen Lives!!!

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