Monday, September 3, 2012

Wilt / Bereft - First Chain To the Moon / Gathering Strength out on Danvers State Recordings 2009

Wilt - First Chain To The Moon. Wind whispering soft and hallow. The deep-dark drone machine comes to life. Low and subtle wavering darkness swallows you slowly. Journey of the damned. Rotting feedback. Clanking iron. Choir winds. Numbing the pain. Haunting the abyss. Restless turmoil comforts you down. Float the blackest sea. Face the primordial nothing. This is the shit you wanna listen to for hours.

Bereft - Gathering Strength. A thick and sturdy slow-burn lone bass drone out. Just a tinge of distortion. Sinusoidal saw-tooth zonefest. Dark ambient industrial tone from the depths. In the red +1dB, just where we like it. 15 minutes of this flies on by. A Cleansing is Coming. The bass drops in. Big sustained hum answered by smothered feedback, plays a game of tug-o-war. Bathe in the ebb and flow of charred sludge.

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