Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Nervous Corps + Peiiste c62 out on Human Ignorance

Nervous Corps + Peiiste is collaboration tape, near as I can tell. Nervous Corps, or Nervous Corpse as we like to say, is a solo project from one of the Blue Sabbath Black Cheer dudes. Peiiste, prolific purveyors of PE and harsh noise, are a duo from Louisiana. The first side, Against Art, Against Religion, starts off with Nervous Corps's unique brand of skewed HWN. Not all fully-blown super harsh as can be, but subtly tweaked or notched for specific frequency response. A sustained wall of unchanging harsh noise like listening to t.v. static through a hole in the wall. The track seamlessly blends into something a little crunchier, thicker, more distorted primal HN with some agro-vocals buried in the back. I may be wrong here, but this sounds more like the power electronics of Peiiste. The mix seems to blend effortlessly back and forth between the two respective styles every 5 minutes or so, which would make this a collab rather than a split, I think.
Side 2 is like a boat trolling hard through the waves of concrete distortion. Chunks fly. Sputter into overdrive, it's gunna get hairy. Crashing walls of chaos and restrained garbled harsh wall. Shit, maybe this is Peiiste's side. Maybe its going back & forth again?  I'm not even sure whats going on anymore. Somebody's making a fuck-lot of noise on this tape. No breaks, no beats, no drones, no samples, not many stupidtones to speak of, just the clutter of clatter that is HNW.

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