Monday, September 10, 2012

COMPACTOR - Self Destruct Sequence c20 out on WORTHLESS Recordings

Worthless Recordings finds some pretty diverse & interesting acts, like COMPACTOR. Self Destruct Sequence, Step 1 starts out like a death-industrial track with repetitious modulated pitch bursts. Some heavy breathing of Morpheus. The structure unfolds into an honest to goodness old school industrial beat sequenced with noisy little extras. No vocals, no samples, no bullshit. Think old Front 242 without the "vocal" loops. It's not a big hit really. You may not hear it spun at the local goth club; but it is cool to find out tracks like this are still being made.
Step 2 is the real gem here. It's a well plotted stroll through dark industrial-deathland. Pitch-down motor sound with low-res scraping and clanging clatter grow a rhythmical living wall of cold & grey. Eventually this single huge crashing distorted kick drops in with the decay of a falling chunk of iceberg, and its looped in perfect time: fuck-yeah, rules. Thanks for that.
Cool black and white photo of some wasted old motor from one of those Thunder Dome cars. Nice layout with the label and band contact info. Check out their Bandcamp, there's some more stuff on there. I haven't checked it out, but let me know if you come across any more physical releases of theirs.

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