Monday, July 30, 2012

REDNECK S.T. Redneck Vol. 5 - AHR37 C10

Stoked. Bought this one up2nd hand; still building up my hoard of Suicidal Tendons, aka RedNeck. A tornado of brutal harsh noise. Static on distortion. Twists and turns. Hold it, now hit it. Hellbent with intent to noise. Total destruction. Zero high pitched microphone feedback. Fucking ripper. The only pussy-footing around with a contact mic on this tape is in the first 30 seconds or so; the rest is harsh noise for dudes that like harsh noise, in stereo. The liner notes say Fuck You. short and sweet. Jcard has an extra flap with full color graphic close-up of eyeball edge. Long out of print on pdx's Alienated Hominid Recordings.

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