Saturday, September 1, 2012

DEAD! vs. Dolly out on Crystal Death Records - 2007

DEAD! - Now retired Harsh-Noise solo act from the PNW.  DEAD! also is, and or was part of groups: Microscopic Suffering, Crystal Warrior, Goly Grim, and Funeral. My first DEAD! experience was at MethFest circa 2006. Back then, he was just some guy making a bunch of noise; since then, he has become one of my all-time favs.
Side 1). Dolly, yeah, that Dolly, reads aloud a letter written to her folks when she had just moved to Nashville. She's telling them not to worry, and she loves them, and she'd gotten a job etc... A sad harmonica plays to her monologue. Then there's some blown out honky-tonk yea-haw hey-hey yoda-laaaddyyyy hoe down'n. It's pretty bitchin'. Thow ya money down. Thow it down boys. Thow it down.
Side 2). DEAD! starts off with some low DSP clipping: klig;klig;klig;klig, introduces the low modulation, and sprinkles in the decay and delay. Its not super harsh really, it even gets a little wonky for a minute. The bass-fuzzed drone groove kicks in, drags you through the fog and it's smooth sailing for a moment and the tape is done. Hail DEAD!.

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