Monday, November 7, 2011

Demian Johnston - "rhey of guernica" on Dead Accents

Demian's screen printed cover is this iconic drawing of a skull with a dripping jaw, crucified on an upside-down anarchy symbol. There are T-shirts sporting this logo on them somewhere out there as well. bad ass.

A1 - some sorceristic sludge, slow like molasses, and o))) so heavy. aggravated vocal rasps set against mammoth  low-end riffage of grueling feedback. a faint and simple drum beat turns it into an anthem of wide open Doom.
A2 - melodic guitar-picking loop builds layers and drones to create a gentle breeze rustling through a delicate wind chime effect. slowly over time, more and more tender guitar creaking woes are introduced to the ever so softly repeating wall of loops. The collage builds up steam, feeding off of errand pick-up disturbances and interrupted fret damage. It's a real sleepy jam and the tracks' dub'd kinda low, so have it cranked or you just might miss it all.
B1 - Ominous swellings of progressive power-chord dronage drive into deeper and darker waters. That wind-chimey guitar loop eventually works its way back into the mix and its like dejavu, nostalgically evoking  flashbacks of your old haunts on side A. Heavy.
B2 - When you get your hands on a copy of this tape, just ffw to the middle and flip it to side B for immediate satisfaction. Joined by Andrew Crawshaw on drums, DJ pulls out a most righteous offering of slow death. This track is your master, you are the willing slave begging for a long stint of slow, steady beating. And just when it it's starting to climax; the tape's over. Awe fuck! Easily my favorite Demian Johnston hit ever. gimmie more. more more more more more more more of this.  

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