Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Demian Johnston "fallen timbers" c51 out on Dead Accents

Dead Accents have output a steady stream of highly coveted low-run releases over the past few years, but I've taken a real shine to this one. The labels co-founder, Demian Johsnston picks up his guitar and does no wrong. With no guitar picking wankery or noodle-neck fretting, Fallen Timbers is a nice long sprawling drone induced by long-term exposure to the cold and grey Seattle winters. His guitar gently weeps mournful shoegaze sorrows of pure Black Doom. The track was recorded live by label mate Andrew C in front of a live audience, but you wouldn't know it if it weren't fer the applause at the end. Timbers Fallen is much shorter, and credited as being made up of live sound clips. It pretty much sounds like the same stuff, like maybe it was made of of a few clips of the practice jams before the show. It's a cleaner & crisper recording that finds its way into a slightly heavier reign. Got to be the most exemplery Demian Johnston recording out there if you ask me. Program repeats on the B-side. Only 23 exist and they rule.

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