Saturday, September 3, 2011

Corpse Candle - Swamp Curse C40 on Phage Tapes

You can always trust Phage Tapes as a source for quality cassettes that contain hi-fidelity dubs of top-shelf noise, and Corpse Candle delivers the goods on this c40. All of the exceptionally killer harshnoise[wall] projects seem to have the word "Corpse" in their monikers these days. Having never heard of this project, I figured it'd sound like some crusty garbled drones wept into microphones by candle-light. Side A is full of steady but not stagnant walls, deep rumbles of rhythmical churning crusted with sweeping garble drones. So my assumptions were pretty close eh? I can totally picture some creepy old dude out in the woods, late at night, with his DeathMetal<filterqueen<contactmic<woodchipper set-up just going to town. Side B sounds like dude drove his Harley into a gymnasium, shut the doors, and piped it through his rig, adding some layers of low drone and saturated phono-static wall. This side gets hazy after a bit, perhaps they should open a window and let some of the exhaust and gas fumes out; just don't shut-off that Harley, man. Be careful, this recording is hot & potentially engineered to sound especially proper on premium speakers. Artwork is screened with metallic-flake paint. Killer. 

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