Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mannequins – False Smiles False Lives c32 on Worthless Recordings

Jacked the photo from discogs cause I lost mine copy in these piles of tapes
Not sure what I expected from this one. The name Mannequins conjures up some pretty varied mental images. Like a band of mannequins, knob-sync'n circuit-bent casio's with projected faces and clothing on their naked torso @least right? Well, as soon as this tape starts playing, you know you've gotten yourself into a whole mess of good harshness. Amped up. This thing is thick and serious. unforgiving. unrelenting. A million different distorted or defiled frequencies in every direction and not a sour note between them. Eventually the action stacked energy level drops you effortlessly into still life HWN territory. Heavy rumble & crunch, less the crackle round out the rest of Side A.Side B picks up where A left off, emulating you deeper and deeper into slowly-slightly-changing Harsh Noise Wall noise trance. creepy f%#kin mannequins. Love it. where can I get more? I have no idea, but you want to get one of these limited to 17 copies from our pals at Worthless. Hit em up and buy a tape or work a trade.

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