Friday, August 5, 2011

Cold Comfort - Brief Moments of Clarity [VHS] out on Worthless Recordings

F-yeah. This tape is for your VCR. It is full of HNW or HWN or whatever they're calling it these days. There are a handfull of different static textures that move very smoothly from one to the next. They each last about 5 minutes. Very proffesh looking all around. The audio is top notch. The video quality is prestine. The packaging feels sexy. Comes with 3 pana-rama-photos that give you a good idea of what is on this VHS. I love owning this, and I wish there was a way I could own it even harder (if that makes any sence). If you enjoy the HARSH staic wall asthetic, you need this. Its a hypnotic, meditative zoneout inducing audio/visual masterpiece. This is the first WorthlessRecordings VHS release, and hopefully not the last. Limited to 28 copies, so you better cough up $8 and get one of these babies ASAFP if you know what's good for you. Everything about this is right. Nothing more.

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